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Welcome to St. John's Anglican Mission
(also known as Friar Tuck's House)

You might think with such a long name that we work in a spacious brick church building, surrounded by a full and helpful staff. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth.livingroomOur modest trailer house kitchen is our 'clergy office', our staff is one lone minister and his wife, and the home telephone, the street, and our living room couch are where we minister and pray. We hope to grow, but right now God is certainly keeping our hands more than full. We are rich beyond compare, as we witness what mighty things God can do with so little.

We've got big callings for this small ministry.

Supporting those on the front lines
Father Dave Kenat is an ordained Anglican priest, but his service in the U.S. Marine Corps and seventeen years in law enforcement fuel his committment to chaplaincy. Chaplains help returning veterans and police officers to cope with extreme stress and depression; they walk with those facing the insurmountable task of recovering from horrific memories, addictions, shattered marriages, and sometimes the brink of suicide. As a Billings Police Department chaplain, he is often called to provide spiritual support in the worst of times--in the aftermath of sudden deaths, at crime scenes, and in the midst of families in turmoil. Essentially, he comforts those who are so desperately alone, they think there is no one else to call but the police department. It is a very tough job, but one he is always willing to do.

Growing home churches
The traditional church dwelling that immediately comes to mind, with its steeple and pews, will always serve a crucial function for the Christian believer, to collectively celebrate the majesty of our Savior in the sacraments of the Last Supper, in baptisms, funerals, weddings, and in praise, sermon, and song.

However, Father Dave and Cory Kenat feel called to encourage a revival of the long-forgotten tradition of home worship. There are many verses in the New Testament where the apostle Paul sends greetings to the small home churches he founded. The casual, interactive spirit of these gatherings is revealed in this verse from 1 Corinthians 14:26. "What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up."

Behind the front doors of simple houses the faith gained a quiet foothold, blossoming despite the persecution of the Roman state that was determined to root it out. We believe that there is more than just a historical significance to the validity of the home worship service. Regular devotional time was a main reason that our founding fathers were as educated as they were, and that our ancestors, settling in places where towns were days away, knew Scripture as well as any modern theologian. A home church offers a more informal worship experience, where people can simply interact with God without donning the rigid persona of 'being in church.' It's a place to invite friends and those we would like to know better. It is a place to feel included, where a crying child does not necessitate a self-conscious run to the nursery, where holy answers and comfort come with a cup of coffee, and where we get to tangibly invite Jesus into our own living rooms.

Father Dave was intrigued by what particular Christian practice would have been closest to the ancient worship rituals of the first Church fathers. After years of study, he concluded that Anglicanism, which was strongly apostolic and Bible-based was the direction he wanted to follow. You will see on this site that there are areas where you can go 'traditional', using the prayer book from 1928. However there are also other ways you can establish family worship that range from casual Bible studies to ways to fellowship together and bring even more warmth into your home.

Growing stronger families--God's way
We believe that the feminism and the progressive agenda to erode gender roles in our society has become a cancer within our society. We believe that both men and women bear the image of God equally. "In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." Genesis 1:27. However, men and women are also inherently different, with different biological natures, perspectives, and purposes. Much of the unspeakable pain Father Dave witnesses in the chaplaincy field has a common root: a broken family. A secular society of raging materialism, which emphasizes 'me' and 'pleasure' over serving others and self-control, along with a general disregard for the value of the home, have ravaged our society with record divorce rates, chemical and behavioral addictions, abusive family members, and people lost in trauma that can manifest for generations.

We believe a happy home and healthy family are indeed possible, but the way is narrow, and it certainly doesn't correspond with the world view. It involves digging into the treasures that are buried in God's Word, and discovering that He really has a time-tested plan for how men and women are to raise their children together. We provide Christian-based mentorship on family issues that may not taste as sweet as cotton-candy, but surely are as healthy as broccoli.

One on One Approach
We believe in keeping it simple. This means that we minister to the people who cross our path, because we believe those are the individuals that God has sent to us. We believe this is how we model our faith. We also keep it simple, so to speak, by working out of our home, and think of ministry as working in a 'church without walls.' We appreciate the position of carrying light burdens--in other words, because we don't have the overhead of building maintenance and other regular expenses, we are able to respond quickly to people in deep immediate need on a one on one basis.

You are not just on a website, you are in our cyberspace home. We are here, we do care, and we are listening. You might not know it yet, but you have come to a friend's house. Come on in, you're not in the cold any longer. Let us take your coat. Let's have a conversation about the only place where peace and warmth can truly be found--by following the King of Peace, Christ Jesus. There is an old saying that a Christian is simply a beggar who is no different than other beggars; he just knows where the bread is. We don't have all the answers, not even close. But we believe that Jesus does. So, come on in and welcome. Cory just took some of her famous cookies out of the oven. Just do us one favor--wipe your feet--and feel free to take the comfy chair.

We would love to hear from you, a question, a prayer request, a theological discussion, words of consolation, however we can be there for you. We can be reached here or our Facebook page entitled Friar Tuck's House.